About Us

Goodwin Hanson LLP was founded in December 2014. Our firm’s focus is providing our clients with exceptional service by establishing a relationship built on trust. We get to know each of our client’s unique situations and act as their advisors for all their tax and accounting needs. Our clients know that when they call us, we’ll pick up the phone; when they email us; we’ll respond promptly; and, if they ever encounter a problem, we’ll be there to help them through it.

But who is Goodwin Hanson LLP? We’re defined by the people that are here, day in and day out, working together to help our clients achieve their goals. We believe in supporting one another, especially during our busiest months, and enjoying our time both at and away from the office.

Please keep reading to learn more about us.

Jason Goodwin, CPA, CA


Jason grew up in Calgary and in 2005 he received his Bachelors of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary.

In September 2005, he joined Ernst & Young and worked in the Audit and Assurance and Corporate Taxation groups.

Beginning in 2009, Jason specialized in the preparation of personal tax returns for employees sent between Canada and the US and assisting them in remaining tax compliant in both countries.

He passed the Uniform Final Exam in 2009 earning his designation as a Chartered Accountant and subsequently completed Level I and Level II of the CICA In-Depth Tax Program in 2011.

In January 2011, he joined a small CA firm in Calgary as a manager. In this role, he provided accounting, consulting, business development, tax planning, and tax compliance for clients and focused on providing quality client service.

In November 2014, he joined with Eric Hanson to create what would soon become Goodwin Hanson Chartered Accountants LLP.

If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?
Typically, I have a beard and, being a little portly, I have been called a bear in the past. The main reason I agree with this is that I sleep way too much; to the point that I get made fun of by friends and family.

What was your favourite vacation?
A few years ago, I got the chance to go to Fiji and it blew me away. The locals were very friendly and the fishing was amazing on top of the many different islands you can visit to enjoy the sun, sand and surf. Some of the world’s best snorkelling and scuba diving is located in Fiji. If that is your thing, this is the place to visit!

What is the best gift you have been given?
This one is easy. When I was in grade nine, my parents bought me a basketball net for the garage driveway. I remember being so excited that I just started running around. It was so unbelievable that I could now play ball any time. Friends from around the neighbourhood would join me to play 3-on-3 almost every day the weather would permit. And, since my high school was a block from my house, we couldn’t get to my place fast enough to start playing.

What’s your favourite family tradition?
Growing up, Christmas was always at my parent’s house and typically included 40 or so members of my extended family. The chaos around that day was something I thought was normal for all families. As I got older, I came to realize that not everybody experienced Christmas like me. Looking back, I remember a lot of stress peeling and mashing potatoes and straining the peas and carrots, but there are also some great memories of having everyone come together at least once a year!

What is your favourite season?
No question, it is spring. Busy season will soon pass for another year, the weather is getting warmer, playoff hockey and basketball, March Madness, the Masters, and, most importantly, after June 1, I will be out on the Bow River fishing for browns and rainbows!

Eric Hanson, CPA, CA


Eric was born and raised in Swift Current, SK.

He attended the University of Saskatchewan earning his Bachelor of Commerce degree and was awarded the Laimon Academic Award for the highest academic standing in the College of Commerce for the 2004 graduating class.

After graduation, Eric moved to Calgary to article with Ernst & Young in the Assurance group serving clients in a variety of industries including chemical, oil and gas, oil and gas services and technology.

While there, Eric passed the Uniform Final Exam in 2006, placing on the National Honour Roll and becoming a Chartered Accountant in 2008.

In early 2009, he left his role as a manager with EY to join a mid-sized CA firm where he developed a passion for assisting privately owned companies with all of their tax and accounting needs.

He completed Level I and Level II of the CICA In-Depth Tax Course in 2011. A few short years later, he re-united with Jason Goodwin and co-founded Goodwin Hanson Chartered Accountants LLP.

When he’s not at his desk, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife, Elena, as well as hiking, fishing and playing hockey and badminton. He’s also a faithful Flames fan and attends as many games as possible.

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
The early 1900’s, but only for a month or two of hiking, camping and fishing in the pristine wilderness. Of course, I’d have to be outfitted with today’s gear and bring enough food, just in case the animals aren’t as plentiful and naïve as I imagine.

What cartoon character best represents your personal philosophy?
Donald Duck. Wake up every day and give it your best shot. When you decide to do something, get it done. A little innocent mischief keeps life interesting. If things don’t go your way, it’s OK to vent and try again tomorrow.

What was your first job?
Swimming instructor / lifeguard. I was pretty good at the teaching half of the job. It was really rewarding to help kids overcome their fear of water or just improve their skills. My life guarding needed some work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t yell loud enough or look scary enough to stop kids from running on the pool deck. Luckily, falls were few and far between.

What is the strangest idiom you have ever heard and what does it mean?
입이 심심해 (eeb-ee shim-shim-hae) – it’s a Korean saying that literally translates to “my mouth is bored.” I couldn’t stop laughing the first time my wife said this, but now it’s one of my favourites. If your mouth is bored, grab a tasty snack. Problem solved!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
In a cabin in the Rocky Mountains. Close enough to come back to Calgary in case of an emergency or to catch a flight to the beach and yet far enough away to escape the stresses of modern life.